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H. Julian Allen Awards

The H. Julian Allen Award has been given (almost) annually to the best technical paper with a NASA Ames researcher as the senior author. The paper must have passed a peer review process, been published, and the impact of the research reported in the paper must have been realized within the two years preceding nomination.

Former Ames Center Director Hans Mark initiated the award to honor Harvey Allen, who had just retired as Center Director. Allen published prolifically, and encouraged others to publish as well. More importantly, Allen valued the sort of out-of-the-box thinking that made Ames famous as a research institution able to solve the nation's most pressing and seemingly intractable aerospace challenges.


Links to PDF versions of all technical papers are provided in the citations below. Note that most papers are subject to copyright restrictions. No award was presented in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2013.

Jack J. Lissauer, Oleka Hubickyj, Gennaro D'Angelo, and Peter Bodenheimer, "Models of Jupiter's growth incorporating thermal and hydrodynamic constraints," Icarus 199 (February 2009) 338-350

Jing Li, Yijiang Lu, Qi Ye, Martin Cinke, Jie Han, and Meyya Meyyappan, "Carbon Nanotube Sensors for Gas and Organic Vapor Detection," Nano Letters 3 (2003) 929-933.

Andrew S. Ackerman and Mark S. Marley, "Precipitating Condensation Clouds in Substellar Atmospheres," The Astrophysical Journal 556 (August 1, 2001) 872-884.

Eric Darve and Andrew Pohorille, "Calculating Free Energies Using Average Force," Journal of Chemical Physics 115 (November 22, 2001) 9169-9183.

Max Bernstein, Scott Sandford, Louis Allamandola, Seb Gillette, Simon Clemett, and Richard Zare, "UV Irradiation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Ices: Production of Alcohols, Quinones, and Ethers" Science 283 (1999) 1135-1138.

David Hollenbach, Doug Johnstone, Susana Lizano, and Frank Shu, "Photoevaporation of Disks around Massive Stars and Application to Ultracompact HII Regions," The Astrophysical Journal 428 (June 20, 1994) 654-669.

Emily Morey-Holton, "Spaceflight and Bone Turnover: Correlation with a New Rat Model of Weightlessness," Bioscience 29 (March 1979) 168-172.

David J. Des Marais, Harald Strauss, Roger E. Summons, and J. M. Hayes, "Carbon Isotope Evidence for the Stepwise Oxidation of the Proterozoic Environment," Nature 359 (October 15, 1992) 605-609.

Harry Partridge and David W. Schwenke, "The Determination of an Accurate Isotope Dependent Potential Energy Surface for Water from Extensive ab initio Calculations and Experimental Data," Journal of Chemical Physics 106 (March 15, 1997) 4618-4639.

Hanwant B. Singh, Maria Kanakidou, Paul J. Crutzen, and Daniel J. Jacob, "High Concentrations and Photochemical Fate of Oxygenated Hydrocarbons in the Global Troposphere," Nature 378 (November 2, 1995) 50-54.

Jeffrey D. Scargle, "Studies in Astronomical Time Series Analysis. II: Statistical Aspects of Spectral Analysis of Unevenly Spaced Data," The Astrophysical Journal 263 (December 15, 1982) 835-853.

Jeffrey N. Cuzzi, Anthony R. Dobrovolskis, and Joelle M. Champney, "Particle-Gas Dynamics in the Midplane of a Protoplanetary Nebula," Icarus 106 (1993) 102-134.

Richard M. Beam and Robert F. Warming, "An Implicit Factored Scheme for the Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations," AIAA Paper 77-645; Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference 1977 (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1977) 130-140.

David H. Bailey, Eric Barszcz, John T. Barton, David S. Browning, Russell L. Carter, Leonardo Dagum, Rod A. Fatoohi, P. O. Frederickson, Thomas A. Lasinski, R. S. Schreiber, Horst D. Simon, Venkat Venkatakrishnan, and Sisira K. Weeratunga, "The NAS Parallel Benchmarks," NASA Contractor Report 203186 (March 1994).

Nagi N. Mansour, John Kim and Parviz Moin, "Reynolds-Stress and Dissipation Rate Budgets in a Turbulent Channel Flow," Journal of Fluid Mechanics 194 (September 1988) 15-44.

Alexander G.G.M. Tielens and David Hollenbach, "Photodissociation Regions. I--Basic Models," The Astrophysical Journal 291 (April 15, 1985) 722-754.

Man Mohan Rai, "Three-Dimensional Navier Stokes Simulations of Turbine Rotor-Stator Interaction," AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power 5/3 (May-June 1989) 305-319.

Andrew B. Watson and Albert J. Ahumada, Jr., "Model of Human Visual-Motion Sensing," Journal of the Optics Society of America A 2 (February 1985) 322-342.

Charles W. Bauschlicher, Jr. and Stephanie R. Langhoff, "Full Configuration Interaction benchmark calculations on N2, NO, and O2: A comparison of methods for describing multiple bonds," Journal of Chemical Physics 86/10 (May 15, 1987) 5595-5599.

Owen B. Toon, Patrick Hamill, Richard P. Turco, and Joseph Pinto, "Condensation of HNO3 and HC1 in the Winter Polar Stratospheres," Geophysical Research Letters 13/12 (November Supplement 1986) 1284-1287.

Joseph L. Steger, "Implicit Finite-Difference Simulation of Flow about Arbitrary Two-Dimensional Geometries," AIAA Journal 16/7 (July 1978) 679-686.

Louis J. Allamandola, Alexander G.G.M. Tielens, and John R. Barker, "Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and the Unidentified Infrared Emission Bands: Auto Exhaust Along the Milky Way!" The Astrophysical Journal 290 (March 1, 1985) L25-L28.

Dochan Kwak, James L.C. Chang, Samuel P. Shanks, and Sukumar R. Chakravarthy, "An Incompressible Navier-Stokes Flow Solver in Three-Dimensional Curvilinear Coordinate Systems Using Primitive Variables," AIAA Paper 84-0253; Aerospace Science Meeting (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1984).

Wayne Johnson, "Development of a Comprehensive Analysis for Rotorcraft," Vertica 5 (1981) 99-129 and 185-216.

David R. Hedgley, Jr., "A General Solution to the Hidden-Line Problem," NASA Reference Publication 1085 (March 1982).

0wen B. Toon, James B. Pollack, Thomas P. Ackerman, Richard P. Turco, Christopher P. McKay and M. S. Liu, "Evolution of an Impact-Generated Dust Cloud and Its Effects on the Atmosphere," Geological Implications of Impacts of Large Asteroids and Comets on the Earth (Geological Society of America, Special Paper 190: 1982) 187-200.

Alvin Seiff, Donn B. Kirk, Richard E. Young, Robert C. Blanchard, John T. Findlay, G. M. Kelly, and S. C. Sommer, "Measurements of Thermal Structure and Thermal Contrasts in the Atmosphere of Venus and Related Dynamical Observations: Results from the Four Pioneer Venus Probes," Journal of Geophysical Research 85/A13 (December 30, 1980) 7903-7933.

Theodore E. Bunch and Sherwood Chang, "Carbonaceous chondrites--II: Carbonaceous chondrite phyllosilicates and light element geochemistry as indicators of parent body processes and surface conditions," Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 44 (October 1980) 1543-1577.

Heinz Erzberger, "Optimum Climb and Descent Trajectories for Airline Missions," Theory and Applications of Optimal Control in Aerospace Systems, AGARDograph No. 251 (1981) 9-1 to 9-15.

Lionel L. Levy, Jr., "Experimental and Computational Steady and Unsteady Transonic Flows about a Thick Airfoil," AIAA Journal 16/6 (June 1978) 564-572.

Janos K. Lanyi and Russell E. MacDonald, "Existence of Electrogenic Hydrogen Ion/Sodium Ion Antiport in Halobacterium halobium Cell Envelope Vesicles," Biochemistry 15/21 (1976) 4608-4614.

F. Ronald Bailey and William F. Ballhaus, "Comparisons of Computed and Experimental Pressures for Transonic Flows about Isolated Wings and Wing-Fuselage Configurations," in Aerodynamic Analyses Requiring Advanced Computers, NASA SP-347, part 2 (1975) 1213-1231.

James B. Pollack, Edwin F. Erickson, Fred C. Witteborn, Charles Chackerian, Jr., Audrey L. Summers, Warren Van Camp, Betty J. Baldwin, Gordon C. Augason, Lawrence J. Caroff, "Aircraft Observations of Venus Near-Infrared Reflection Spectrum: Implications for Cloud Composition," Icarus 23 (September 1974) 8-26.

Paul Kutler and Leonidas Sakell, "Three-Dimensional, Shock-on-Shock Interaction Problem," AIAA Paper 75-49 (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, January 1975). [Also published in Aerodynamic Analyses Requiring Advanced Computers, NASA SP-347, part 2 (1975) 1111-1140.

Robert L. McKenzie, "Diatomic Gasdynamic Lasers," NASA Technical Memorandum X-62099 (December 1, 1971). [Reprinted in The Physics of Fluids 15/12 (December 1972) 2163-2173]

1973 - Science Award
Robert W. MacCormack, "Numerical Solution of the Interaction of a Shock Wave with a Laminar Boundary Layer," Lecture Notes in Physics 8 (1971) 151-163.

1973 - Engineering Award
Robert C. Innis, Curt A. Holzhauser and Hervey C. Quigley, "Airworthiness Considerations for STOL Aircraft," NASA Technical Note D-5594 (January 1970).

Dean R. Chapman, "Australasian Tektite Geographic Pattern, Crater and Ray of Origin, and Theory of Tektite Events," Journal of Geophysical Research 76/26 (September 10, 1971) 6309-6338.

William L. Quaide and Verne R. Oberbeck, "Thickness Determinations of the Lunar Surface Layer from Lunar Impact Craters" Journal of Geophysical Research 73/16 (August 15, 1968) 5247-5270.

Dale R. Lumb and Larry B. Hofman, "An Efficient Coding System for Deep Space Probes with Specific Application to Pioneer Missions," NASA Technical Note D-4105 (August 1967).

1970 - Honorary Award
H. Julian Allen and Alfred J. Eggers, Jr., "A Study of the Motion and Aerodynamic Heating of Ballistic Missiles Entering the Earth's Atmosphere at High Supersonic Speeds," NASA Technical Report 1381 (April 28, 1953).

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