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History Contacts

History Archives
Senior Archivist and Center Artifacts Manager, April Gage
ARC-DL-history at | (650) 604-1032
To conduct research, to inquire about Ames artifacts, or to inquire about donating materials to the History Archives, contact the archivist.

The archives are open for research, by appointment. If planning a visit, contact the archivist to discuss your research objectives. If you are a foreign national, plan to provide ample notice before your visit, as the process for securing authorization to enter the facility can take up to several months.

Center Historian, Layne Karafantis
For general questions about Ames history or to discuss Ames-relaated historical research projects, contact the center historian.

Related NASA Ames Contacts

Public Affairs Division
Speaker's bureau request form:
Newsroom: (650) 604-4789
Public inquiry line: (202) 358-0001
All media queries should start with the Public Affairs Division

Research Library | (650) 604-6325

Education Office | (650) 604-6274 or (650) 604-6497
For most questions about Ames history from primary or secondary school students and their teachers

Records Manager, Karen Moze
karen.m.moze at | (650) 604-5018
For retrieval of official NASA Ames records held at the Federal Records Center

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NASA Ames Research Center
History Archives, Mail Stop 207-1
Moffett Field, CA 94035-0001
Curator: Ames History Archives
NASA Official: Darlene Gross
Last Updated: August 2018