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Ames Center Directors, 1939-Present

1. Smith J. DeFrance, 1940-1965
2. H. Julian Allen, 1965-1968
3. Hans M. Mark , 1969-1977
4. Clarence A. Syvertson, 1977-1984
5. William F. Ballhaus Jr., 1984-1989
6. Dale L. Compton, 1989-1994
7. Ken Munechika, 1994-1996
8. Henry McDonald, 1996-2002
9. Scott Hubbard, 2002-2006
10. Simon P. Worden, 2006-2015
11. Eugene L. Tu, 2015-present

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NASA Ames Research Center
History Archives, Mail Stop 207-1
Moffett Field, CA 94035-0001
Curator: Ames Research Center Archives