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NASA Legacy Data Archives

Legacy data archives serve the scientific community as repositories of scientific data from past projects. This data is also useful to historical researchers because it includes contextual information about projects in those scientific disciplines.

Life Sciences - NASA's Life Sciences Data Archive contains information and data from space flight experiments funded by NASA, beginning in 1961. These include human, animal and plant studies.

Space Sciences - The National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) serves as the permanent archive for NASA space science mission data. This includes astronomy and astrophysics, solar and space plasma physics, and planetary and lunar science. NSSDC also serves as NASA's primary active archive for space physics mission data and for long-wavelength data from selected NASA astrophysics missions. It provides access to several geophysical models and to some non-NASA mission data.

Atmospheric Sciences - The Atmospheric Sciences Data Center processes, archives, and distributes earth science data.

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