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Shorter Pieces

F-86 Image + 75th Anniversary of NASA Ames Research Center
Seven Decades of Innovation
(12.2 MB PDF file)

NASA Ames logo + 2008 AIAA Annual Conference Paper
Why Space Research and Space Exploration?
NASA Ames Research Center Contributions to NASA's 50 Years
by John W. Boyd and Glenn E. Bugos

(268 KB PDF file)

Picture of RIACS History Booklet + Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science (RIACS) History booklet and timeline prepared for the institute's 25th Anniversary in 2008
(5.7 MB PDF File)

NASA Ames logo + Charles William Harper, 1913-2006
Leader of NACA/NASA Aeronautics Research
by James Franklin, John Dusterberry, and
Charles Hynes

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