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Viking Anniversary Collection Feature
Astrogram Articles, 1975-1976
Ames Contributions to the Viking Mission to Mars
From the Ames Astrogram Collection (AFS1380-39A)

illustration of Viking lander on Mars

Issue Date: Article Title
6/5/1975: Viking emblem design
8/14/1975: Viking's approach to Mars
8/28/1975: Ames Viking atmosphere experiment
4/22/1976: Mars atmosphere study scheduled for Viking
6/17/1976: The Viking search for life
7/1/1976: The Viking search for life
7/29/1976: Successful landing on Mars for Viking 1
10/7/1976: Viking: Research and results at Ames; Viking biology lab

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Related Collection Feature
Remastered 1979 Mars in 3-D Movie
From the Elliott C. Levinthal Viking Lander
Imaging Science Team Papers, 1970-1980 (PP04.02)

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